' Vineyard | Jericho Canyon Vineyard

Jericho Canyon is a rugged area at the northeast end of the Napa Valley in the Mt. St. Helena foothills. Our vineyard benefits from very hot summer days moderated by cool nights and chilly mornings. These favorable conditions are caused by a break in the Mayacamas range which allows the coastal fog to reach our end of the valley. The vineyard soils are volcanic Boomer clay loam and gravelly loam, both of which provide excellent drainage while reducing yields.
We divided the approximately 40 acre vineyard area into 24 blocks, each with its own unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies. By maintaining a permanent cover crop, we are able to prevent erosion, attract beneficial insects, and avoid the use of pesticides. The vineyard’s steep terraces, however, require an exceptional amount of manual labor. Endless hours are spent on each plant over the course of the growing season – pruning, suckering, shoot positioning, leaf pulling, crop thinning, and soil amending – to achieve the proper balance of sun exposure, water, and nutrients that each plant needs in order to develop optimum fruit flavors.  By using sustainable agricultural practices, we hope to ensure that our vineyard will remain healthy and productive for our children and our children’s children.