' Sustainable Jericho | Jericho Canyon Vineyard

From the depths of the canyon to the eagle’s perch, Jericho Canyon’s steeply terraced vineyard is the spectacular, the extreme. Since 1989, the Bleecher family has sustainably farmed grapes for their terroir driven, small production, estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Having raised their kids, grapes, and multiple wine dogs on the estate, the Bleechers believe in being responsible land stewards.

According to owner and vineyard manager Dale Bleecher, “Our approach to green growing is multi-pronged, employing tools like no-till farming, insectaries, bird boxes, and erosion control.” No-till farming reduces wind and water erosion while providing crucial habitat for beneficial insects. Insectaries also provide habitat for beneficial insects which keeps Jericho Canyon insecticide free. Within the vineyard, owl boxes attract nesting owls who provide rodent control, and bluebird boxes invite bug-eating birds to call the canyon home.

In their winery, the Bleechers have installed water saving devices, energy saving light fixtures, and skylights. Perhaps most importantly, they age their wines in a naturally climate controlled cave, meaning no need for air conditioning.

Certified Napa Green Winery, Napa Green Land, California Sustainable, Napa County Green Business, and Fish Friendly Farming, the Bleechers spare no effort in protecting the land they love. Says Marla Bleecher, “We love this spot— the Palisades and Mt St Helena cradle us, Jericho Creek lends rhythm and music with its frogs and toads, the seasons give us perspective.”

- Napa Life Magazine’s Green Business Feature, June 2013